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Lovely meal as always
placed by Michelle Heley-connor on the 21st November 2020

Chris Collins

An excellent meal, delivered with great friendly service and as always good value for money. Highly recommended.
placed by Chris Collins on the 6th November 2019


Great food every time.
placed by John Constable on the 6th July 2019

Tasty food with great service

Excellent meal, arrived ahead of time. Tez are always responsive to their customers and go out of their way to ensure they are happy. Tasty food with fantastic service
placed by Chris Collins on the 6th July 2019

Best in Town

Always 5* food
placed by John Constable on the 30th June 2019

Seb Lewis

Excellent but not cheap. Most curry houses do a one person meal deal.
placed by Anonymous on the 18th June 2019


placed by Anonymous on the 7th June 2019

Very tasty

The order was all correct and the food was really tasty. We seem to be outside their delivery zone so had a charge of £5 for delivery though. Having said that delivery was on time and the driver was very pleasant. It was delicious, ordered and ate far too much!
placed by Melanie Nahum on the 16th May 2019

Lovely food, quick service

Great food, rapid delivery, excellent value for money. Really pleased!
placed by Yannick Ford on the 17th December 2018

Quick delivery but a bit too sweet for me

The aloo gobi and saga chana were delicious but I was disappointed that the vegetable masala was in that bright red, sweet, coconut-flavoured sauce. The chicken tikka masala was the same. Indian sauces used to be savoury. I'm not sure why this sauce is being used so much these days, it's so sweet. I can't seem to find anywhere doing an old style masala.
placed by Liz Butler on the 13th December 2018

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